When to ‘Left’ a Whatsapp Group

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You wake up in the morning, and upon logging in to your Whatsapp account, you discover you have been added to yet another group without your consent. Already 1,989 unread messages are waiting for you in the new group. The more you attempt to read them, the more they pile up for almost everyone in the group is busy typing. At some point, you realise you can’t practically read all the stuff, download and watch all the uploaded videos and images, and still be ready for work. So you merely clear/delete all chats including the unread. Welcome to Whatsapp groups.

They can be fun, but some can also be a nuisance. Do you have to entertain all the Whatsapp groups you find yourself in? Where do you draw the line? Remember if in your chat settings you have ticked automatic download of all files, you will be receiving all the images and videos from all these groups, even those you are not interested in. Your gallery will soon be full of files, and it’s no mean task weeding through them, deciding what to delete and what not. That’s why you should be concerned about each group you are in.

The following tips should guide you on when to left, or exit a Whatsapp group:

  1. When the Notifications Are Needlessly Too Much

There is something inside us that wants to read all the notification in the world. They could be meaningless and time-wasting, but we still labour through them dutifully, like we are paid to read them. It partly has to do with smartphone addiction. We feel good having our eyes on the phone screen, even if checking nothing worthwhile. But what if you always don’t have time to waste?

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Why should you be reading hundreds of unhelpful notifications at a time you should be asleep or playing with your kids? If a certain Whatsapp group is ever active, even late in the late, you should ask yourself if it’s adding you any value with its endless notifications. If it’s not, you may have to exit. If you are polite enough, say goodbye to everyone after letting the admin know your intention. If you are not polite, just “left.” They will talk about you for a while, but at least you are now free.

And talking about notifications, some are just weird. You find a post as long as a novel so that the more you read, the more you still have to click “read more” and it’s nothing of value. Just a needlessly long-winded, hard to believe rags-to-riches narration, at the end of which you are required to type AMEN.

Many people with writing talents have long discovered that although they will never become as famous as the likes of Charles Dickens or Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, at least they can spin a yarn and become famous in the Whatsapp groups.

  1. When the Group Agenda Don’t Add Value to You

You are a married woman, and then you find yourself added to a group of single ladies who discuss nightclubs and boyfriends. Of course, they are all your friends. You were undoubtedly added by mistake, or deliberately, but you know you don’t belong there. Another scenario: you belonged in a job Whatsapp group where you received timely and useful job updates, like the shift plan for next week. But you are no longer part of that company. You quit, you were sacked or was transferred to a different branch.

What’s the point of remaining in that Whatsapp group, receiving updates that mean nothing anymore? If the admin hasn’t bothered or remember to remove you, kindly remove yourself. If you no longer go to a particular church or hang out with certain people so that you can hardly resonate with the issues they discuss, there’s no point in being privy to their conversations. That is actually eavesdropping disguised. You burden yourself with unnecessary details when you should be seeking useful information on how to move ahead with your life.

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  1. If You Find the Common Language Used Is ‘Inappropriate’

You may find yourself in a crude group where any other post is vulgar. Maybe it’s an alumni group of former high school buddies or collegiates. But you realise that while you have grown up after these ten or so years, some of them are still stuck in the past. It is “changing-room chat” all day and night. At first, you were glad to reconnect with your long lost friends.

However, at some point, you feel the topics are draining you. Soon, insensitive jokes and bragging are thrown up and down. Or explicit videos and images are uploaded, and you think this is not the direction you want to go. Yet you don’t want to left, lest you offend your friends. They may feel rejected, demeaned or harshly judged by your slamming the door against them. You may first plead with them to watch their language. If the response is not encouraging, you should exit.

  1. When the Members Have Gradually Gone AWOL

One good (or funny) thing about some of these Whatsapp groups is that they are active only when just launched. Members will chat and chat until they run out of words. Every post will be replied and discussed. Gradually, people get tired of one another. Then it’s all about occasional videos, images, job advertisements, funeral announcements, coming graduation or nothing significant. No steady conversation is on-going. They have gone AWOL. Nevertheless, you are not ready to ‘left‘ for some unknown reason. Maybe you’re afraid they’ll think you’re trying to act too smart or too busy for them. But honestly, if a group is no longer active what’s its value?


With these pieces of advice, log in to your account and remove the unnecessary bits of baggage that needlessly consumes space, data bundles and your precious time. Also, remember that there are many useful WhatsApp groups where you stand to gain valuable insights. Do not go about ‘lefting’ without considering what you stand to lose in the long run. Just strike the right balance; some unhelpful groups are worth bearing with until further notice.

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