4 Cool First Aid Boxes For Your Home First Aid Supplies

A well-thought home improvement exercise is not complete without the seemingly minor details such as a First Aid Kit somewhere in your house.

Be Smart Get Prepared

Be Smart Get Prepared

Unfortunately, a First Aid Kit is one of those additions you consider buying only when you or a family member suffers an injury. After the incident, you forget all about the need for a first aid kit until another emergency strikes.

Since I have already talked about the best first aid kits, I want to say something about first aid boxes. I have observed that many of them are white with red crosses, or vice versa. But there are other first aid boxes that are white with the cross in green.

Whatever the color, the first aid box’s quality and size also matter, so you have to look beyond the attraction.

Factors to consider when buying an empty First Aid Box:

1.    Attraction and Design

This may not be important for some people, but it is great to have a good-looking, stylish first aid kit box nice to carry around. If you are going to place your box where guests can see it, it has to be attractive.

2.    Visibility

The box should b visible enough to be located quickly in case of an emergency. You do not want a dull-colored box that you cannot easily see when the light is dim. Some boxes are visible even in the darkness.

3.    Size

Depending on the number of supplies you need to store, the first aid box’s size should concern you.

4.    Portability

The box should be easy to carry, with strong handles that never break. You do not want a first aid kit box whose handles break up, spilling your valuable supplies.

5.    Quality

The material used to make the box should be strong enough to last reasonably long.

The Best First Aid Boxes that last and are hard to break:

1)   Vintage First-aid Box for Home

Vintage First Aid Box for Home is stylish red (the dear old style) with side handles and is meant to keep your home medicines and first aid stuff tidy and clean. The inside of the box has an organizer tray with compartments that help you organize your items well so that you can easily access each in case of an emergency.

vintage first aid box

vintage first aid box

The box is spacious enough and light because the walls are thin. I should point out that the thin walls make it quite fragile, so do not place the box under a  heavy weight; it is not designed for stacking but to carry first aid kits inside.

Anyway, if well taken care of, this metallic first aid kit box will last long.


2)   Basicwise QI003347

This empty, portable first aid box is another best option you should consider if you are looking for cool storage for your bandages, cotton swabs, medical gloves, medicines, and other first-aid items in your house.

Basicwise First Aid Box

Basicwise First Aid Box

It has top handles for easy carrying to the spot where you there an emergency. It has the well-known Red Cross symbol splashed on its side for easy identification.

I like the fact it is small enough to be carried even into the car, or boat to go camping with it. It shuts so tightly that dust or moisture cannot find the way in.

It also has the organizer tray whose spacious compartments help you arrange the first aid items in the order of priority. You deserve to be safe with your family.

3)   Ollieroo Locking Medicine Box with Key Portable Lock Box

If you are looking for a beautiful, plastic, eco-friendly first aid box with ample space for your medicines and other items for emergencies, here is another one you can consider. Space inside can fit comfortably fit 18 bottles. The separate tray can also take in other items.

It comes with a double safety lock with unique keys so that your children or unauthorized people cannot tamper with it in your absence.

ollierro first aid box

0llierro first aid box

Apart from the usual handle, it also has a shoulder strap for easy carrying if you have to travel with it to, say, camping. There is also a black carrying case again for easy transport.

It also has several smooth-textured compartments and even pockets for some of your valuable items like watches or jewelry.

It is made of good quality plastic, therefore, it will last long

4)   OTYTY First Aid Container

OTYTY first aid box has a double-layer meant to make it neat and easy to navigate. This enhances its space capacity because you can store your first aid stuff in both layers.

OTYTY first aid box

It is really large so you can use it for other personal items if you are traveling with it. It is light and has handles, making it suitable for traveling if need be.

Its high-quality material makes it sturdy and durable. It comes with a 30 days money refund warranty.

Wrap Up

Over to you. If you need a storage place where you can secure your first aid supplies or medical prescriptions, you can choose one of these empty boxes. They are suitable for the purpose at home, but also in the office, vacation or when you are out camping.

Along with equipping your home with first aid supplies, also learn how to make your home safe for your kids to avoid incidents.

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