A Systematic Clean Up After a Home Renovation

Periodic home improvement is a project you cannot afford to run away from. Lifestyles keep changing, and only a few people want to be left behind. If you care about your image, your house has to be updated to suit the latest trends.

cleaning up after a home renovation

Cleaning up after a renovation.

You could do a home renovation to keep up with the newest style or to get rid of worn-out furnishings. After the improvement, you have to clean up your house before you can relax in your new face-lift.

Special care should be taken in the cleaning process; otherwise, the real face of your new style may not be wholly visible. If beauty is clothed in dust and dirt, it is lost to the beholder.

Now, you do not have to hire a cleaning company for this project; take the challenge yourself. It is not a big deal once you understand the modality.

Armed with a heavy-duty cleaning detergent and the necessary tools, nothing stops you from reclaiming your house from the debris after a renovation.

These are the tips that should guide you to achieve a sparkling clean-up following a home renovation:

  1. Mind the Little Things

Before you even start getting rid of the mess, mind the little items you are likely to forget. They may seem insignificant, but if you leave them undone the cleanup may, to some extent, be in vain.

These include lampshades, doorknobs, ceiling fan blades, etc. In most cases, they are overlooked and only returned to on second thought after the main clean up is completed.

  1. Clean Air Vents

During the renovation, much debris and dust usually manage to accumulate on the vents, rendering them less effective. You do not want your family, pets, or guests to breathe dusty air so take your time with the vent.

First, take down the vent covers. Then clean them with soap and warm water. As they dry, you can replace the exposed air filters. This could also be the time to clean the ceiling.

  1. Clean the Walls

The main work could be on the walls where much dust must have settled. Whether the walls were painted or not, they need to be cleaned. In the case of painting, you should use a dry, smooth rag to dust them.

cleaning the walls after home renovation.

Cleaning the walls and window interiors following a home renovation.

A wet material may rub off the drying paint and interfere with the smooth surface. If there is no wall painting, you can clean the walls using a damp rag or towel. To reach the high points, use an extension duster or wrap the rag around a broom. Remember to wipe from top-down, one line at a time.

While at it, do not forget the window interiors plus their frames and sills.

  1. Clean the Cabinets and Other Closets

Dust particles also settle on and in the cabinets and other closets, penetrating even to the hard-to-reach corners, so you need to clean them too. Wipe the cabinet tops then use a damp rag to clean the cabinet interiors. Ensure you clean each shelf; it is easy to skip one or two.

  1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Nothing sucks dust better than a vacuum cleaner. During the renovation, the dust particles find their way to the upholstered furniture, ceiling, curtains, carpet, and other soft surfaces. You should take your time while vacuuming to ensure nothing is left behind. You can repeat the process, running the nozzle across furniture cushions, corners, and the underlying frames.

a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaning after a home renovation.

You should also ensure the vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to suck all the particles, leaving no patches here and there. If the vacuum cleaner is weak, the result could be a sight you may not want your guests to see. Again, an ineffective vacuum cleaner also means you will have to re-do one spot over and over, thus taking more time.

  1. Sweep the Floor

Once you have cleaned the upper surfaces, you need to wind up by sweeping the floor and lower parts of the walls. You can also mop if it is a hard floor to get rid of the debris from wall to wall completely. Get the right, classy mop system for the job.

floor cleaning equipment

Floor-sweeping equipment: a broom and a scoop.

  1. Sanitize Where Necessary

During the renovation, harmful toxins might have been released into the air and settled on surfaces. You may need to sanitize or disinfect the kitchen, floors, bathrooms, and other appliances to protect your family from harmful substances.

Work in Progress signage. Cleaning after a home renovation requires good planning.

A Cleaning in Progress signage. Cleaning after a home renovation requires good planning.

Wrap Up

Before you start the house clean-up after renovation, make sure you have the time, mindset, and energy for it. If you do not, you are likely to do a shoddy job.

You should stick to the cleaning plan because if you backtrack, you get confused.


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