ABOUT C’amolo and The Homely

I am C’amolo. I enjoy relaxing at home. I have a good number of friends I visit, I enjoy traveling once in a while, but at the end of it, I wanna be home. That’s where my heart is.

So I really enjoy talking or writing about home stuff. It’s a fulfillment nothing else can replace.

I started The Homely to share tips you need to implement to enjoy being at home.

While I base many of my insights on personal experience throughout the years, I also go out of my way to do thorough research in the form of reading, watching videos or consulting experts with more experience so that you get the most accurate information.

I strongly believe in in-depth analysis of facts when preparing an article. Where possible, I test the products I endorse myself. If that’s not possible, I depend on the feedback from most trusted, reputable and reliable sources.

So the information I share is accurate to the best of my knowledge. In other words, I’d not recommend a home improvement product that I do not believe in.


My mission is for The Homely to be the ultimate destination for home improvement enthusiasts in the US and around the world looking for the best tips to keep their homes lively and lovely. To achieve this, I always have to uphold integrity in the day to day information I present.

For The Homely to always be up to date or to continue running without hitches, I earn a small commission from affiliate and advertisements, therefore bear in mind that if you place an order via my product links, I slightly benefit but at no additional cost to you.

For more enquiries, reach out to me at EMAIL: support@lovelylivelyhomely.com