5 Best Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Dog

Dogs are lovely pets that you should have in your home. They are loved by everyone. Your kids no doubt love puppies. You may not get kangaroos in every country but you sure will find a dog in every country in the world.

The dog can be your best friend at home.

The dog can at times be your best friend at home.

Here are some weird, amazing, and amusing reasons why your home needs a dog:

  1. Dogs are Sensitive

A dog is a man’s best friend. Okay, a woman’s best friend too. Dogs have humane feelings and they can sense when you’re sad, lonely, or angry. Just see how Americans love their dogs. On a lighter note, an average American is said to care more about his dog than for his next-door neighbor.

Dogs are sensitive.

Dogs are sensitive.

2. Dogs are Loyal

Your dog will ever be by your side. A cat can run away if things get tough. Your dog will never betray you. It keeps secrets. If you need the most loyal friend at home, go for a dog.

Dogs are loyal.

Dogs are loyal.

3. Dogs are Intelligent

Dogs are very intelligent. No wonder we have police dogs, mainly German Shepherd breeds. Lions are strong, leopards are fast, but none is used by the police. There are simply no police lions or police tigers, but there are police dogs.

Whenever the police parade or match before the president, they are in most instances accompanied by dogs. Your home deserves these intelligent pets.

Dogs are intelligent. German Shepherds come to mind.

Dogs are intelligent. German Shepherds come to mind.

Lions and tigers may be strong, but only a dog is intelligent enough to differentiate between a criminal and an innocent person. A dog, in short, is the smartest animal. So if we say a dog is man’s best friend, we mean good men.

“Beware of Fierce Dogs” notice on your gate is enough security to keep potential robbers away. Only dogs are used to search for bodies in disaster scenes like earthquakes, crumbled buildings, etc.

The Australian Cattle Dog is another intelligent I know. You can train your dog to do lots of amazing stuff. If you are clueless about this, look for dog training near you.

4. Dogs are Disciplined

Another amazing reason why you need dogs in your home is that they are disciplined. Contrary to popular opinion from some quarters, dogs don’t mate all the time. They have a season. The term “bitch” is derogatorily used on promiscuous persons and it is an insult to dogs.

Then there are such terms as “dog whistle” or “the tail wagging the dog” all of which do not inspire confidence.

Do you remember the TV show Courage 60 The Cowardly Dog? That so-called lazy dog was actually the family’s ultimate savior whenever there was a crisis. There are many lovely dog names so do not give your dog a bad name like “stupid lazy dog” as the old man in Courage 60 does.

Dogs know when it’s time to play, bark, sleep, attack, threaten, frighten, withdraw, or escape.

dogs are disciplined.

Dogs are disciplined. A white Siberian Husky.

5. Dogs are Doctors

Did you know that when dogs feel sick, they eat certain herbs? I’ve seen dogs eat grass. They know something about medicine. Dogs are doctors. That’s weird, but it is true. So better watch your sick dog more closely for you may learn some medical lessons.

Having a good time with a lovely dog.

Final Thoughts

Well, you should now consider buying or adopting a dog. It is easy to buy or adopt a dog, fortunately.

Like any other pet, dogs need good care so do not neglect your dog. Again, fortunately, dog care is easy and fulfilling.  They need to take a bath or swim; they need grooming, dog medicine, love, a decent and clean kennel, clean dog food, and respect.

Once you get a dog, find the dog grooming near you where you will be taking your dog if you do not have the time or the patience to groom your it. Also, have the time to walk your dog in the dog park near you.

It is said that you only own a dog if you’re kind to human beings.  Are you your dog’s best friend? You better be. Dogs are revered. We have Westminister Dog Show, National Dog Day, etc.

By the way, I used to read lots of James Thurber’s dog stories. It is through his stories that I first learned of some of the many dog breeds I know, such as the pitbull dog, Nate dog, snoop dog, papillon dog, Portuguese water dog, raccoon dog (wild animal), the prairie dog, Samoyed dog, chihuahua, bulldog, among others.

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