Heavy Gas Trimmers vs. Light Electric Hedge Trimmer

A gas trimmer or an electric trimmer each has its merits and demerits; what you go for depends on your particular needs. It is not accurate to argue that an electric trimmer is better than a gas trimmer.

Energy efficient, light hedge trimmer


Factors to Consider While Choosing a Hedge Trimmer

1.     Weight of The Hedge Trimmer

A heavy hedge trimmer is obviously difficult to hold up and hence tiring, but it is more powerful and suitable for thick branches. Electric hedge trimmers are mostly safer and lighter, thus easier to use, but not effective for thick hedges.

2.     Affordability

Electric hedge trimmers are also affordable and a good investment in the long run.

3.     Maintenance

Electric hedge trimmers are easy to maintain compared with their gas or oil counterparts. Gas trimmers need more maintenance, like all oil machines.

4.     Nature of Your Hedge

Generally, a gas hedge trimmer is more powerful than an electric trimmer, hence the former is more effective for large-scale, intense trimming. Most home hedge trimmings fall under small-scale hedge trimming, so an electric hedge trimmer will still be the better option.

A gas trimmer is heavy, but it is more effective in trimming hedges of thick, large foliage. If your fence is thick, you may consider the powerful gas trimmer.

Energy efficient hedge trimmer

5.     Ease of Use

An electric trimmer is easier to use compared to a gas or oil fence trimmer. If you are a beginner in trimming, an electric hedge trimmer is the best option not just because easy to use but also because it is safer.

When it comes to electric fence trimmers, you have two options: corded or cordless trimmers. A corded hedge trimmer has an extension cord, so there is a limit to how far you can move from the power source. Having to roll or unroll the cord can also be a distraction.

One advantage with a cordless trimmer is that you do not have to be turning this or that way to avoid entangling yourself around the cord or cutting/clipping the very cord with the trimmer.

A gas hedge trimmer is cordless, so there is no cord to limit your movement range. A cordless trimmer depends on the battery, so you can move anywhere along the hedge as long as the battery is still not drained.

6.     Cost

The cost of a hedge trimmer depends on the features of each model. Lightweight, corded models are cheaper, but they are meant for simple trimmings. A cordless trimmer is more expensive.

The price is also affected by other factors such as battery life, blade length, etc. Generally, a gas hedge trimmer is actually more expensive than an electric trimmer.

7.     Blade Length and Type

Longer blade lengths are more convenient because you get to trim your hedges more easily, standing on one spot. But they may be quite challenging to manage or wield, especially in a small space. An 18 inches blade is mostly preferred for hedge trimming because it is neither too long nor too short.

A 20 inches blade would work best if your hedge is extra-ordinarily larger, but you need space to maneuver it. Suffice it to say that you should go for a short-blade trimmer if you are a beginner.

When it comes to blade types, there are double-sided blades, then there are single blades. A double-sided blade trimmer cuts faster because it cuts with both sides, but it is less safe, so do not go for it if you are a hedge trimming novice.

A single-sided-blade trimmer is much safer because you stay on the side without the blade. It is also easy to use, but is relatively slow so if speed is a factor for you, think deep before buying. A double-sided blade cuts on both sides, meaning it works faster.

Again, there are blades with wide gaps between the teeth and those with small gaps. The size of the gaps determines how suitable a blade is for a particular trimming job. A home user with light trimming duties should go for a blade with smaller gaps of up to ¾ inches in rage.

8.     Noise

Electric hedge trimmers are quieter than the gas or oil models, so if you value low sound over other considerations, you should buy an electric hedge trimmer.


Now, let us take a look at some of the best hedge trimmers that you can get:

1)    Black Decker 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Black Decker 40V Cordless hedge trimmer comes with a 22-inch blade. It can handle thick branches fairly well even if they are far away, though it should not be the norm for it may stall if overworked on thick branches. The battery also lasts long once fully charged. There is an indicator to let you know how much battery power you have left so that you can time your work well.

Black Decker 40V

Black Decker 40V

It is also lightweight, so you won’t get tired too soon. The fact that it is cordless also makes it easy to use and limitless in terms of how far you can move around. The handle is also worth mentioning; it is the wraparound type that makes it easy for you to be in full control of the trimmer.

2)    Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S 20-Inch 3.2-Amp Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer, Grey

Like all Scotts trimmer models, this 20-inch electric grass or hedge trimmer is also light yet with so much power that you can cut through thick branches without hitches. It is corded but with a cord holder for easy movements.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S

Efficient Hedge Trimmer. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S 20-Inch 3.2-Amp Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer, Grey

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S 20-Inch 3.2-Amp Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer, Grey

One user of this machine claimed it is loud, but I think trimmers are loud. I am yet to see a model that makes no sound. The trimmer gets the job done, and that’s the point.

The blade is long enough so you can cut deep into the back or the top without having to climb a stool.

3)    EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless

Ego Power 15-inch is a cordless hedge trimmer with a speed feature to set the speed you want. It also has padding to the fore-handle to absorb vibration. The handle is also flexible enough to be adjusted depending on your height.

Ego Power 15-inch

Ego Power 15-inch

Efficient hedge trimmer

Ego Power 15-inch efficient hedge trimmer for home use.

The battery is easy to remove because of the lever, a feature added to make it easy to remove the battery. When the battery indicator turns red, you better charge it. It charges really fast: it should be fully charged after 30 minutes, thanks to the efficient charger. The charger also has a cooling fan, which is rare for a trimmer charger.

The trimmer is also easy to balance, which makes it safer. This is made possible because the motor and battery are on each side for balance.




4)    Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LPHT12122S 20-Volt 22-Inch Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, Black

efficient hedge trimmer fence cutter

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LPHT12122S 22















Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LPHT12122S 22-Inch Cordless trimmer is efficient on tough branches, slicing them like bread. As expected, it is quite heavy at the handle. It has a double-blade that speeds up your work.

One good thing with this Scotts battery is that it is compatible with many other 20v Scotts.

5)    DEWALT DCST922P1 Black & Decker Lawn Trimmer 

DEWALT DCST922P1 Trimmer is a very powerful hedge cutter that uses batteries. You would expect this kind of power from a gas trimmer. It is rather heavy, and, by now, you understand what that implies: it smoothly cuts large branches. The motor is at the end of the cutting shaft on the spool, and it is the source of the weight.














But the good thing about that is that with the motor at the cutting end, you do not have to twist when you try to swing it horizontally. It is easy to sweep the trimmer from side to side. And it is relatively quiet for a powerful trimmer.

You can fold this trimmer in half when it is time to store it in your garage, so it consumes little space.

However, the battery drains quite fast (30-40 minutes of non-stop cutting), so you need at least two batteries if you have a large-scale trimming to do. A powerful machine has to consume more power, I guess.

6)    DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 22-Inch

The ever yellow and black Dewalt products are dependable, so you become a convert for good once you buy one. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless 22-Inch is a compact trimmer with an efficient, sharp, and well-balanced blade that cuts even the mangroves.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless 22-Inch

The power is also consistent. The trimmer is lightweight, so it is easy to manage, and you are not going to get tired too soon.

The blade is long enough to reach the far-flung leaves or branches. You have the freedom to move as far as you want because the trimmer is cordless.

7)    Sun Joe 24V-HT22-CT Cordless Handheld Dual-Action Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe 24V-HT22-CT Dual

Sun Joe 24V-HT22-CT Dual

Sun Joe 24V-HT22-CT Dual-Blade Cordless Trimmer is light hence easy to handle. This is a powerful, high-quality hedge trimmer that slices large bushes flawlessly. Anyone who has used Sun JOE machines would not need to read reviews to make a decision.

They are made to last.

Wrap Up

Over to you. Make the right decision. Whichever hedge trimmer you finally buy, remember to use eye protection when trimming — glasses, for instance, or something more serious, like a face shield. You should also wear a thick, long-sleeved jacket or shirt, tough jeans, and shoes.



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