How to Quickly Clear the Lingering Bad Smell in your House

Everyone enjoys breathing fresh air, not the foul air. Hence you cannot afford to overlook the need to improve the general air quality in your home. We all enjoy relaxing in our homes when everything is fantastic and clean. However, some unpleasant, lingering odor can ruin our peace.

Bad smell

Where is that foul smell coming from?

The smell may not be too strong; you cannot even pinpoint its source, but it is strong enough to irritate you, haunting your house like some stubborn spirit.

What if some high-level guests pop in at short notice or without notice in your house today or soon, only to be greeted with a repulsive, on-and-off, non-descript odor? They may not be comfortable taking the delicious meal you have painstakingly prepared for them.

Why Does My House Has a Foul Odor?

Here are the reasons why your house could smell unpleasantly and how to clear the air:

  1. The Sewer or the Drain

Sometimes the smell is coming from the sewer, only it comes in such small doses you cannot easily pin down its source. May be the sewerage system or the drain is clogged, cracked or something is blocking the flow.

Pouring some vinegar into the drain can help lower the smell as you reach out for the plumber.

  1. A Corpse Somewhere…

If you used an insecticide in the recent past, perhaps you killed many cockroaches whose corpses are hidden in various places and are collectively poisoning the air.

Years ago, I once had a hard time locating the source of an intense, repulsive odor that kept gaining momentum as hours went. It had started as a small, inconsequential smell. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I took a torch and started flashing between the furniture.

It turned out to be a dead, huge rat. I still do not understand what had killed it for in this case I had not used a rat poison or an insecticide for a long time.

The point is that dead, decomposing animals stink so get a search warrant (smiles) and do the search. It could be some lizard the cat brought in, a bat rotting in the chimney, or a rat in the dryer vent.

  1. Lack of Aeration and Light

Do you always open your windows and doors so that the air can freely circulate in the rooms? Letting in fresh air into your house can help much in the way of clearing the unpleasant, stagnant odor emitting from unknown sources.

In fact, opening the windows should be the priority when it comes to keeping the smell away because fresh air is a natural, readily available deodorizer.

The sunlight is another natural deodorizer so let the sun rays filter in through the windows or the door. There is a time to forego your privacy and have the door and the window curtains folded up.

The sunlight and air help dehumidify your damp cloths, hidden molds, and other moisture that cause the pungent smell in your house.

I’d also recommend that if possible, do not always use the dryer to dry your clothes. You can hang them outside to dry in the sun.

  1. Refrigerator

A refrigerator is another source of bad smell. The best simple remedy for a smelly refrigerator is baking powder (sodium bicarbonate). Always have a bowl of baking powder open in your refrigerator to eliminate odors. You should change it every two months.

bad odour

In case you have no idea what a foul smell is like…

Alternatively, use vinegar or coffee grounds to absorb the odors in your refrigerator. A ball of cotton soaked in the vanilla extract can also remove the odor in your fridge. By the way, you can read more about fridge care here.

  1. Dishwasher

The dishwasher is another household that can be the source of that lingering odor in your house. You may assume all is well because the dishwasher looks clean while in truth, it has tiny rotting food morsels in its door crevices, sprayer arm ports, and other behind-the-scene spots.

After thoroughly cleaning these parts, put some vinegar in a bowl, place the bowl on the top rack and run the dishwasher in a cycle with no utensils. You can as well use this dishwasher cleaning product.

  1. Washing machine

A washing machine can harbor molds and mildews so you should take the time to clean it up. Cycle it with hot water and this tablet or any other you may have ready. It also helps to leave the machine door open for air circulation after you are done washing.

  1. Moist Carpet

Your living room carpet is at the center of things and your guests are not going to escape whatever fumes emit from it. Carpets improve the look of your house but remember they absorb smells too. Kittens and puppies do roll on the carpet and can even pee on it.

You can sprinkle baking powder, vodka, or vinegar solution on the carpet to temporarily mask the bad odor if you do not have the time to thoroughly wash it. You can then vacuum the carpet after some hours.

If these are not working well, try this Resolve Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder.

You can handle the pet bedding the same way.

  1. Bathroom or Toilet

The cracks and crevices in your bathroom or toilet floor can house stale urine or moist that in turn injects small doses of hair-raising odor into your house whenever the bathroom door is ajar.

The simple remedy for a smelly bathroom is sprinkling baking powder or vinegar to absorb the odor. You should consider having an exhaust fan in your bathroom.

  1. The Kitchen

It is hard to keep your kitchen from smelling. While most of the time the smell could be inviting, especially when you are adding the spices to the fried dish or something, other times

cleaning the dirty utensils

Wash dirty utensils soon after each meal.

it is the odor of some decomposing stuff.

Use warm soapy water to wash your cabinets, and then leave a bowl of vinegar in the cabinet to absorb any recurring odor. Use baking powder, lemon solution or any other product with hydrogen peroxide.

Always wash dirty plates immediately after taking the meals and leave open the kitchen window. You should also have an exhaust fan in your kitchen.

  1. A Smelly, New House

Have you just moved into a new home whose doors had been shut for quite a time? The odor there may be too strong for your baking powder or air fresheners.

I’d suggest you paint the walls, clean the ventilating, heating, air-conditioning units, and ducts. You might have to seek the services of professional cleaners.

After that, place pieces of charcoal briquette in a metal bowl in the rooms and corridors for some days to absorb the pungent odors.

  1. Dirty Laundry

Smelly shoes, socks, vests, pants, etc, can contribute to the unpleasant smell in your house. Did you know that placing baking soda in the smelly shoes can absorb the smell?

Now you know. As for the cloths, the only remedy to keep them from aiding to the smell in your house is washing them as soon as they dirty.

  1. The Garbage Can

If you never clean your garbage can, it can smell stronger than the garbage. To reduce or eliminate the odor from your garbage can or disposal, throw in pieces of cut lemon or citrus.

Having a meal in a sweet-smelling room.

You can only enjoy having a meal in a sweet-smelling, clean room. Maintain home cleanliness.

In Conclusion…

As we have seen, vinegar, baking powder or coffee grounds are some of the easy-to-get items that should always form part of your household staples for they help in neutralizing the bad odors in your house.

Above all these, I urge you to maintain cleanliness as a habit because you are going to prevent many of these odors in your house.

You should have a cleaning schedule that is never broken. You also give your house sweet smells by lighting a scented candle or other air refreshers. Essential oils like rosemary or lavender also come in handy.

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