New Bedbug Strains Resistant to Sprays? Try These Pesticides or Insecticides

Truth be said: many strains of bedbugs and other critters are now resistant to several sprays or insecticides that were effective years back.

A crawling bedbug

A crawling bedbug.

Today, you will learn how to go about that so that you can have peace at home. When it comes to home improvement, nothing should be left to chance.

First, the disclaimer: I am not an entomologist, so the opinion I give here is pure thorough research I have done in addition to my personal experience. Some of these home stuff does not require rocket science, by the way.

Bedbugs can ruin your night of sleep, or day of hosting high-level guests. You can’t afford to ignore them. However, getting rid of bedbugs has become tricky and time-consuming. You need to lay strategies as if you are to war. How do you smoke them out of the wall or furniture cracks and crevices they hide in?

Now, bedbugs are called bedbugs simply because they love being in bed. Of course, they love you — that’s why they want to sleep with you. But, you don’t love bedbugs. Nobody does. They bite to suck blood, leaving you with itchy skin and bloodspots.

Unfortunately, at times you just can’t help sleeping with the enemy because you have no control over your territory. Bedbugs do not just confine themselves to your bed; they crawl to conquer your seats, curtains, wall, etc. if you do not fight them back.

What Do Bedbugs Feed On?

Bedbugs feed exclusively on blood. However, a good number of people assume bedbugs eat other forms of food. You cannot kill bedbugs by feeding them poisoned food because they won’t eat it. They may be poisoned through physical contact with the poison but not eating.

bedbug bites

Bedbug bites…the morning after.

Why Are Most Sprays Unable to Kill Bedbugs Now?

Pyrethroid insecticides used to be common because they were cheap and effective in most cases. A pyrethroid is an artificial or synthetic form of the pyrethrums, whose dry flower heads make good insecticide.

However, several strains of bedbugs have gradually learned to resist pyrethroid. How? The bedbugs developed high immunity in the form of a tough exoskeleton or skin with super-protective genes that the pyrethroid insecticide cannot easily penetrate to reach their bodies.

These genes have designed unique proteins that slow the penetration of the pesticide across the cuticle. The proteins are also able to detoxify the pesticides before they get to the nerve cells!

In short, bedbugs are going to eventually develop ways to resist whichever pesticide you come up with if you exclusively use it for several years. That’s the unpleasant truth, based on the research I have painstakingly done across many authoritative sites such as this publication.

A sleepless night because of bedbugs.

A sleepless night because of bedbugs.

A case in point is the neonicotinoids introduced to combat bedbugs in the 1990s but which is slowly becoming ineffective as the bedbugs fight back with resistant genes. Neonicotinoid is a combination of insecticides with our pyrethroid at the center.

Bedbug Menace

In the last 15 years, bedbugs have become a menace in many big cities in the United States and around the world because of their ability to resist many pyrethroid insecticides that people still rely on to get rid of them.

Bedbugs infest many apartments, hostels, schools, and colleges, so periodic professional bedbug fumigation has become the new normal though the results are not that fancy because the bedbugs strike a week or two after the fumigation.

Did you know that one pregnant bedbug is all you need to infest a whole apartment building with bedbugs? In short, one pregnant female in a guest’s cloth is enough for a full-blown infestation in an apartment.

Now, which is the way forward as concerns getting rid of the new generation of bedbugs that have learned to resist the old tricks? The answer is simple: you need to fight the bedbugs using different varieties of pesticides or chemicals simultaneously. Do not rely on one if the strains of bedbugs in your house have already shown they are tough.

From my own experience, the same spray that readily kills a cockroach is less effective on a bedbug. I do not understand why cockroaches are not able to develop strong immunity against the sprays commonly used on them.

As I pointed out from the onset, I am not an entomologist, so I do not want to wade too deeply into these matters, but that’s my two cents.

The Best Bedbug Spray

The researchers are still working on the next combination of chemicals that can eliminate the bedbugs of our generation. As you await this, I urge you to make good use of what is available; buy several varieties of insecticides and use them simultaneously. To be frank, that is what I do myself whenever I realize I have another strong bedbug invasion to contend with.

I do not know of one bedbug killer or spray that is always effective, but I know many that are able to slow the full-blown bedbug infestation by killing many of them. In short, there is no best bedbug spray that kills all types of bedbugs, from my personal experience. I stress that this is my personal view.

So what you have learned today is that you need to combine different sprays to deal with highly resistant bedbugs effectively. If they are less resistant, you should use a particular spray to kill them. If they are highly resistant, you should combine different sprays with different chemicals compositions.

With that honest clarification out of the way, the suggestions I have given below are therefore the best sprays you can use independently or mix with others to get rid of the bedbugs depending on their level of resistance:

1.    Premo Guard Bed Bug and Mite Spray

Premo Guard Bed Bug and Mite Spray is a natural product that is odorless, so you do not have to run out of the house as soon as you are done spraying, as is the case with some other critter sprays. In most cases, it kills the bedbugs instantly.

Premo Bedbug and Mite Killer

Premo Bedbug and Mite Killer

The product is harmless on human beings and pets though I would advise you not to take chances, so keep it out of your children and pets’ reach. You do not need to prove it is harmless to your pets by letting the puppy lick it, really.

This spray leaves a greasy residue on the furniture or wall, which you need to wipe off days after spraying.

Some people think that if a bedbug poison does not smell awful, then it is less effective. Wrong. Use this product 3-4 times for better results.


2.    Bedbug Patrol

Bedbug Patrol is an effective plant-based, natural spray for bedbugs and is also made of chemicals that are not harmful to pets and human beings. It is one bedbug spray that leaves no residues or stains on the surfaces

I advise you use it every 10-14 days, dousing it on the mattress, box spring, bed board, bed frames, wooden floor, walls, etc. To render it more effective, also step up routine vacuuming.

Bedbug Patrol

Bedbug Patrol

Far from smelling awful, it actually has a spicy, peppermint aroma. Like many other sprays, it kills on contact. The spraying pump is strong, unlike others that get faulty quickly.

The spray comes with a booklet to guide you through the spraying procedure. You can as well download the company’s eBook on bedbugs once you place your order.

If this spray fails to work for you in 33 days, you get all your money back.


3.    Terro 3600

Terro 3600

Terro 3600

Terro 3600 is another bedbug spray with no unpleasant odors and which kills the stubborn bedbugs on contact. Apart from bedbugs, it also kills stink bugs, ants, and many other household insects.


4.    Harris Bed Bug Killer (since 1922)

Harris is the oldest EPA-registered company in America, and it has more than 100 products in the market that help you deal with roaches, scorpions, stink bugs, bedbugs, among others. Their easy-to-follow label directions alongside the videos and personalized piec

es of advice have made the company a household name worldwide.

Harris Bedbug Killer is one odorless bedbug spray you can use h

Harris Bedbug Killer

Harris Bedbug Killer

and in hand with other pesticides like diatomaceous earth to effectively deal with the pyrethroid-resistant bedbugs plus their hatching eggs. I


t works best when sprayed directly on the bedbugs.

If you are to use it with another granular insecticide, spray it first and wait until it dries then use the powder.

You will not see better results if you use this product once and sit back so have the time to repeat the process after some 7-10 days.


5.    Hot Shot Bedbug Killer with Diatomaceous Earth

If you are looking for one of the best bedbug sprays with diatomaceous powder, here is one you can give a try. Hot Shot Bedbug Killer Dust With Diatomaceous Earth is hot enough to supposedly melt bedbugs. I’d still recommend you use it with other products for better results.

Hotshot Bedbug Killer

Hotshot Bedbug Killer

The product is cheap yet the bottle is full of diatomaceous powder to the brim. There are small holes that shoot into the cracks where the bugs hide. I should point out that it doesn’t work instantly. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, by-contact poison that kills by dehydrating the bugs, which may take time.

Once it has absorbed the fluids from an insect, the critter has to die eventually — no doubt about that. The bugs die, so they get no opportunity to survive and develop immunity to the product.

Just sprinkle the dust around mattresses, bed frames, box frames, etc. and repeat the same process after some weeks.

6.    JT Eaton 203

JT Eaton 203 is another diatomaceous earth powder bedbug killer you can add to your arsenal. It also kills cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, and crickets. JT Eaton 203 comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Keep it out of reach of your pets and children, for it is harmful to them.

JT Eaton 203 Bedbug Killer

JT Eaton 203 Bedbug Killer



Use it with a combination of other products for better results. That’s my advice, not the company’s.


7.    Malathion Insecticide

Malathion pesticide can be used as bedbug killer.

Malathion pesticide can be used as bedbug killer.

Malathion Insecticide is primarily designed for the farm or grain store pests like mosquitoes, aphids, gypsy moths, grasshoppers, Mediterranean fruit flies, etc but it can still be used to get rid of bedbugs. Let me confess that I have used certain farm pesticides from an agro-veterinary store to eliminate bedbugs whenever I’m not able to get the right bedbug killer at the right time.

You should note that such a pesticide could be more deadly than ordinary bedbug killers, so you should keep your children and pets out of reach.

8.    Proof

Proof Bedbug Kille

Proof Bedbug Kille

Proof is a plant-based bedbug spray that is non-toxic to your pets and kids but lethal on the bedbugs and dust mites. Proof targets their micropores to kill them.

If you are satisfied with the product, you are refunded your money.

9.    CimeXa

Did you know that apart from Diatomaceous Earth and blood orange essential oil, another natural product scientists found out in 2017 December to be effective in killing bedbugs is Silicon Dioxide (Amorphous Silica or silica dust)?


CimeXa bedbug killer

Well, the silica dust is better known by its brand name of CimeXa. I’m not in the habit of endorsing something merely because the scientists approved it, so I recommend this as one of the products to add to your arsenal and not as the only best pest killer you need to eliminate all the bedbugs.

Silica dust works like the Diatomaceous Earth: dehydrating the bedbugs to death within 24 hours or so. There are many YouTube videos to watch on how to apply the CimeXa.


Other Measures to Contain Bedbug Invasion

Apart from the pesticides, you can as well use heat and steam to destroy resistant bedbugs. I do not encourage you to stick to one product or method. This is like warfare; you cannot rely on one strategy or troop.

You have to attack through the air, sea, and land to gain an advantage in certain critical wars. Bedbugs are small but powerful and tactful warriors.

Bedbug fumigation is another measure if things get out of hand.

They can detect that you are fast asleep and so they should come out. Have you seen how fast they run when they realize they are in danger? I have observed that a bedbug can also play dead for a while to escape your imminent wrath. Bedbugs are also intelligent enough to know that they should hide most of them in crevices.

Other simple tricks I have is to buy a metal bed, zip your pillow and bed covers and let them stay that way for months so that the bedbugs and their eggs trapped inside could eventually die of starvation or thirst.

I have seen bedbug fumigators moving from door to door in certain estates, fumigating the bedbugs. It is one of the end-game measures you have to take if things get out of hand.

You can also try bedbug traps and interceptors. They are ideal for detecting and trapping the bedbugs in the early stages of invasion.

I know a landlord who runs a cheap, backstreet rental where the guests he attracts are not the so clean types, so he is ever on the warpath with bedbugs.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, I want to urge you to maintain a high standard of cleanliness as your first line of defense against bedbug infestation. I have observed that the bedbugs are more likely to be found in dirty clothes than clean ones.

So do regular laundry, vacuuming, brushing, etc. Consistency in cleanliness and pesticide spraying is a game-changer when it comes to bedbug control.

It would be best if you also created spaces in your house. I do not advise people to fill up the house with things they do not need. Bedbugs find it easy to move around when the room is congested. The furniture needs breathing spaces, even without the bedbugs.

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