Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Introduction At The Homely we are committed to protecting your rights and your own privacy. We do this by handling all your data in a secure environment, granting you control of what data you may wish to provide, and informing you on how such data will be used. The Homely privacy policy dictates that we inform all our users about the information we collect from them, how we keep it, and the security measures which we undertake to ensure that such information does not leak to the unauthorized parties. Information We Collect We collect information from you once you visit our website and voluntarily choose to provide such information to us. There are several stages that necessitate us to request user-specific information from you. One of these instances is when you are signing up on our website The other instance which we may collect information from you is when you send queries to us through our integrated online customer feedback forms. If you permit the cookie dialog box, The Homely may deposit session cookies to keep you signed in and to track the pages which you have visited within our website. How We Use the Information We Collect From You We use the information which you voluntarily provide to us to:
  1. Create customized products suited to you based on your previous activities and preferences.
  2. To facilitate you signing in to our online system. Without some information such as an email, username, and such related information, it would be difficult for our system to uniquely identify each of the users who sign up on our website.
  3. In case of queries and concerns, we use the contact information which you provide to get in touch with you and clarify on the issues raised.
  4. To facilitate advertisements that appear on our website.
  5. We, for purposes of compliance with the law, provide user traceable information to authorities once we have been requested to do so.
  6. Unless you opt out of our email advertisement programs we may, from time to time, send you promotional materials that we believe will match your interests.
Information You Share If you share information on our online systems and public comment interfaces such as forums, you should be aware that such information is not hidden and thus it is available to those who will visit such forums. We thus advise you to exercise caution when sharing user-traceable information on such forums. Whenever you need to reach us directly, always use our contact details but not the public forums which are provided within our website. These forums include the comment sections on blogs and any other online forums which we may create in the future. Information We Share: Partners and Integrations We, from time to time, may partner with different companies for purposes of outsourcing services, strengthening our market footprint, or for any other reason which we may deem appropriate. In such cases, we may need to share the information which we have collected with third parties. These partners may include email provider companies, Social Media companies, and other third-party groups with which we may enter into an agreement. In these cases, our privacy policy will go to the extent of the exchange of this information. Any further information handling will be governed by the third parties' policies but not our own privacy policy. Cookies The Homely uses cookies for various purposes. These pieces of data which are deposited on your browser help us to better understand you as a user. It is important to note that The Homely gives you, the user, a pop-up prompting you to allow our website to store cookies on your browser before actually doing it. If you cancel such prompts no cookies will be stored. There are two kind of cookies which our website may, subject to your consent, store on your browser:
  1. Session cookies- We use these cookies to establish user sessions on our website. These sessions help us to uniquely identify you and thus better customize your experience. Without a session cookie, you will be forced to resubmit all the information you submitted during sign up in order to identify you. These cookies are usually established once you log in or sign up on our online system and their lifetime expires once you close the browser.
  2. Persistent cookie- We use these cookies to trace the pages which you have visited within our website and customize adverts suitable for you.
  3. Third-party cookies- Our website may allow third parties and our partner websites to deposit cookies on your browser. These cookies are controlled by the privacy policy of such third party websites.
Security We take our user data seriously. We use encryption standards to transmit the data to our servers and back to the user browser. Our website uses the HTTPS secure socket layer certification to ensure that your data cannot be intercepted at the point of transmission. Our servers are also secured to ensure that only the staff who help us to handle such data can access such information. To avoid any loss of information, our systems back up all the user-related information to offline servers thus ensuring high standards of information resilience. Data Retention We keep all the data that you voluntarily provide us with. This data is kept within our servers as long as you are using our system. You may, as well, request that such data be deleted and we will take the necessary steps to ensure that we erase such data from our records. In case you make such a request, you, the user, must understand that such a process is irreversible and thus we will not be able to recover such data in case you need such in the future. Safety of Minors At The Homely, we do not knowingly allow Minors aged 13 years and below to access our website or our online resources. We make effort to scrutinize user data to ensure that we are dealing with users of the legal age. Since we do not voluntarily accept minors below the age of 13 to sign up on our online system, we are not liable to any harm or safety compromise which may take place as a result of minors below the age of 13 years using our system. Privacy shield for EU Users In an effort to meet all the requirements stipulated in the EU and be GDPR compliant we always prompt users to decide whether to accept or decline our privacy policy. We have also put in place tight measures to ensure that user data is processed safely and under a secure programming environment. In an effort to simplify our privacy policy and meet the clarity threshold specified under the EU GDPR agreement, we have used less legal jargon in our privacy policy. Changes to Our Privacy Policy In an event that there arises a need to change this privacy policy, either in part or as a whole, we will let you, the user, know this through the email. This will only apply if you have signed to our emailing system and you have opted to receive our emails. After such changes you will have the right to accept the new policy or reject it. Personalized Marketing Based on the information which you have voluntarily provided us, we may, from time to time, do personalized marketing. This could either be delivered to your email or through the website interface once you access our website resources. You will have an option to unsubscribe to such promotional emails and we will respect your choice. Who is my Data Controller? We assume full responsibility as the data controller. In case we need to seek the assistance of third parties to help us process your data, we will enter into an agreement with such third parties to ensure that your data is protected and that such parties comply with GDPR policies. Your Rights
  1. Right of information- You have a right to be informed before we collect any of your data.
  2. Right to data access- You have a right to access your data and change the details.
  3. Right for the correction of data- You have a right to ask or initiate data correction especially if mistakes where done and wrong data was entered.
  4. . Right of deletion of data- You have a right to request that all your user data be deleted by the data controller.
  5. Right to restricted data processing- You have a right to choose how your data is processed by data processors.
Exercising Your Rights You can exercise these rights through various means. Our website provides you with the option of either accepting or rejecting the cookies. We also provide mechanisms where you can change your entered data such as names and also an option for you to delete all user-traceable data. Information Specific to Other Services We may add other services to our online system as our business grows and thus adjust to better serve our growing clientele. In such cases, we will let our existing website users know of these services and leave them to choose whether they will opt in and benefit from such services.