Reliable, Ecofriendly Bed Bug Traps and Interceptors

Bedbugs are one of the frustrating and disturb critters that can ruin all your home improvement, so you need to deal with them even before you know they are within.

Bedbug interceptor and trap under a bed.

Bedbug interceptor/trap under a bed.

Bedbugs are one of the frustrating and disturb critters that can ruin all your home improvement, so you need to deal with them even before you know they are within.

Bedbugs develop resistance to pesticides over time, though there are still effective bedbug sprays out there

Alternatively, bedbug interceptors and traps are some of the cheap options you can use if you are on a budget to check the invasion of these crawling, stubborn, biting insects.

Are bedbug traps and interceptors effective in detecting and thwarting bedbugs invasion?

Here is why the traps and interceptors are useful when it comes to detecting the presence of bedbugs in your house:

You may see itchy spots on your arms or face and thus conclude there are those uninvited guests within, but you cannot always tell if you have a bedbug invasion or not.

The easiest way to check if you indeed have bedbugs is to use bedbug traps and interceptors. As long as there is nothing in the traps, you can assume all is well. But once you see one or two bedb

bedbug trap and interceptor

A bedbug trap.

ugs are struggling to climb out of your trap or interceptor, it means they are around.

A crawling bedbug

Another crawling bedbug looking for your blood.








It is best always to have the traps and interceptors in your house. You do not need to wait until the day you get a bite as you relax on your couch only to find a swelling insect hurrying to escape when you turn over your innerwear waist.

The good thing with the bedbug traps and interceptors is that they are always there; you won’t be buying them each time you sense there are bedbugs. They do not expire.

I should point out that bedbug traps and interceptors are designed to help you identify or monitor the bedbug problem.

That is their primary objective, though they can also eliminate them if their population is not already too high. So the next step after identifying the problem could be to use the sprays and other bedbug elimination methods at your disposal.

The USA is under attack!

The USA is under attack! Bedbeg menace. Bedbugs in the USA

I reiterate: It is best to buy a bedbug trap or interceptor before the bedbugs invade, not after. The traps can indeed trap the bedbugs and keep them from reaching you to take a bite, thus holding them until they starve to death. But this will best work before they invade your bed, couch or chairs.

Are Bedbug Traps and Interceptors Better than Bedbug Sprays or Pesticides?

One advantage the traps and interceptors have over pesticides is that the traps and interceptors are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe for your pets, children, and everyone else in your house.

The pesticides come with their own chemical issues, which may prove tragic if not handled well. Some bedbug sprays can cause serious harm to some of your family members with allergy issues.

However, it is best to use both tricks to stand a better chance of eliminating bedbugs in your house.


That said, below are some of what I consider the best bedbug traps and interceptors for your house:

1.    Extra Large Xl Bed Bug Trap

These thick, white plastic bedbug interceptors are so sturdy that they will not crash under the weight of your bed.

They are made for the extra-large beds though there are smaller ones of the same brand. The good thing is that you can use these extra-large ones for a small bed. By extra-large, the manufacturer means a bed with a leg measuring up to 7 by 5 inches.

Anyway, they effectively intercept and trap the bedbugs before they climb up your bed. The bedbugs easily climb into the traps, but they will never be able to climb out because while the traps are rough on the outside, they are slippery on the inside. The traps have anti-slip pads for your safety

It is easy to set up these traps; simply slide them under the bed, couch, stool, or sofa legs.

The traps are going to help you monitor the bedbug absence or presence in your house

2.    Catchmaster Slider

Catchmaster Slider is another trap designed to detect and intercept the bedbugs. It has an adhesive that catches the bedbugs once they step on it.

Install it in areas you expect the bedbugs to be hiding and the routes they are likely to take to your bed or seats. This can be behind the curtain rods, drawers, under the furniture, mattresses, etc.

The good thing is that it will never get crushed under your mattress because it is designed to overcome such heavy weight.

However, for better results, you have to contact the professional pest controller once you have detected the presence of these critters using the Catchmaster Slider.

3.    Bed Bug Traps 8 PACK

Bed Bug Traps 8 PACK arrives with 8 traps per order, all designed to intercept and trap bedbugs before they climb your bed and furniture. You can use these effective devices to protect your family and guests from the bedbug menace.

Bedbugs have learned how to be resistant to certain pesticides, but they have not learned how to climb smooth, slippery surfaces. These traps’ interiors are too smooth for the bedbug legs to get a firm hold and climb out.

These traps enable you to detect the bedbugs’ presence early enough so that you come up with the right treatment method before the infestation is out of control. They are easy to install; place them under the bed legs or the furniture legs.

4.    K9King Bed Bug Interceptors

K9KiNG Bed Bug Interceptors can also save you from those frustrating, itchy bites that the bedbugs inflict when you are fast asleep.

The K9KiNG Bed Bug Interceptors are made to last, being thicker and stronger enough to withstand the weight of your bed or other furniture without cracking, as happens with some brands. They help you monitor the bedbug movements.

The dual-well design makes it much harder for the trapped bedbugs to escape, no matter how hard they try to gain freedom. I like the stylish colors these traps are made of.

5.    12 Pack Bed Bug Blocker (Pro)

12 Pack Bed Bug Blocker Pro is another option you can try. They are heavy and will fit most furniture legs at home. Setting them up is a no brainer.

Each order comes with 12 pieces of these traps to help you detect, monitor, intercept, and control bed bugs in at least three of your beds or seats.

Final Remarks

Bed bug traps and interceptors are designed to help you identify a bedbug problem so that you can control them through other measures such as using sprays, heat, or hot liquid.

I won’t advise you to solely depend on traps and interceptors to deal with the bedbug problem in your house. Use them hand in hand with the bedbug sprays that work.

A bed with four bedbug interceptors/traps

A bed with four bedbug interceptors/traps

Again, for these traps and interceptors to perform best, keep your bed, beddings, and furniture away from the walls. The bedbugs are smart; some hide in walls when you do the spraying.

Bedbugs lay eggs there. As soon as the poison is weak, they climb down from the wall with their hatchlings to your bed.

Your beddings should also not always be touching the floor, for this will render the traps useless; bedbugs will still gain access to your bed using the beddings hanging on the floor.

Bedbug interceptors

Bedbug interceptors

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