Unmasked: 5 Certified Methods to Keep Your Teenage Children Happy at Home

Have you run out of ideas on how to make your teenage kids enjoy being at home? You are not alone. In the course of learning how to raise a happy child who ends up successful in life, you have to also learn what ordinarily makes the child happy at home.

That’s where you get to learn about the certified methods that can help to keep your teenage children ha

ppy to be home.

One consequence of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic is (or was?) that you should stay at home if you have nothing important to do away.

You are safer if you limit your movements. As I write this, there are children still at home, waiting for when the school learning will resume. Life routine as they know it has been disrupted because of the coronavirus and now they have to learn to adapt to home life.

Are your teenage children feeling trapped at home? Keep them happy.

Are your teenage children feeling trapped at home? Keep them happy.

What is the Nature of Youths?

Puberty is associated with certain psychological issues. The youths are, by nature, generally restless and impatient. They are maturing from children to adults.

They are in the stage where they want to be on the move, exploring the world, and taking risks. Teenagers are curious because they are yet to fully understand the world around them.

These youths want to try this and that and learn firsthand; moreover, they want to socialize.

But with the advent of Covid-19, they can’t socialize enough, for they need to maintain social distance, cover their mouths with masks and avoid unnecessary hugs or embraces.

As they are confined at home, so many misgivings go through their minds. They want to let off steam so keeping them at home could be akin to imprisoning them, at least from their perspective.

That’s why it may not be easy managing them at home. They soon get bored of doing the same things at home every day as they wait when they will be free to go out when they want.

You do not need rocket science to detect the characteristics of a happy child, or a sad child for that matter. But all still depends on how concerned you are about them.

For instance, do you know the things that normally make your teenage children happy? You need to figure that out.

So, how do you keep them relaxed, less anxious, and happy at home?

The following are five approved ways you should apply to keep your teenage children happy at home:

  1. Engage Them in Some of the Home Decisions That Affect Them

The teenagers who are in their adolescent stage are easily irritated if you become too overbearing on them. These are people trying to define themselves. They want to have some space, some niche.

They want to be heard and they want to show that they too have a stance on some of the issues in the family. The worst you could do to them is to treat them as though their opinions are not needed. With the current restrictions, they could be double irritated.

Let them take charge of some of the family matters. Don’t be bossy even on minor matters. Let them decide when they want to take their online lessons. Know when to concede some ground. Ask them what they would like to take for supper.

Sleeping whole day is a sign your teenage child is bored.

Sleeping the whole day is a sign your teenage child is bored.

  1. Help Them Pursue Their Interests

Your son has always wanted to play the guitar or the piano. One unintended positive consequence of the Covid-19 is that many people suddenly have the time to do pursue some private stuff they have always postponed.

This is the right time to remind him about the things he has always been passionate about but never had the time for.

If it is rock-climbing, you can arrange for that. You can as well participate. You could be in need of these activities more than them.

  1. Be Cheerful Yourself

Things are gloomy, no doubt about that. But as a parent or a guardian who the young ones look up to, you have to carry on with a degree of self-assurance.

While you have to emphasize that the situation is difficult, it should not get into your head to the point you are the most anxious person at home. Do not sound the alarm for too long. They are old enough to understand what you mean the first time. Just be calm.

If you are over-anxious, you are soon the most easily-irritated, depressed, and confused person in the house. The teenagers soon realize they cannot depend on you, now that you are half past dead already.

Put on a smile, assure them it will all soon end. It may not be easy faking a smile each time the TV reporter explains that more residents in your area have tested positive to coronavirus, but try for the sake of the well-being of your children.

Your kids are not going to be happy around you if you are not happy yourself. Period.

  1. Create a Family Time

Before the corona epidemic, you certainly never had an opportunity for quality family time. Everyone preferred to be in his/her room to watch video games, surf the internet, chat with online friends or just watch movies, series or some TV programs.

overindulgence in electronics is not healthy for your children.

Overindulgence in electronics is not healthy for your children.

Here is your opportunity to nurture the long, lost face-to-face interactions with your teenage children.

The dinner should be taken together. Sit them down and hear their stories. Tell them more about yourself. There are always some details about yourself that you have not yet told them.

Do they know that you first met their mother at a bus stop? Or that their father was too shy at first to even express his real feelings for you?

If you are not a good story-teller, this could be the time you read to them aloud the novel you considered your favorite in your high school or campus days.

Alternatively, recite some old poems. Or talk about movies you liked. Do this every night, after supper. Solve a puzzle or crosswords together, laugh together, hear their future plans.

Tell them what you think the next 30 years will be like. Build a campfire at night.

  1. Reduce the Time The Teenagers Spend With Electronics

Studies indicate that too many electronics end up stressing the kids. They contribute to their restlessness in the long run.

At a time like this, it is easy for you and your kids to drench yourselves with too much TV, internet, movies, or video games. Some of these gadgets have been associated with social anxiety disorders and poor communication skills.

So with tact, find ways to minimize the hours your teenage children spend on electronics if you want them to be really happy. There should be specific times for computers or cell phones for each child.

Wrap Up

I should point out that these approved tips go beyond dealing with the stay-at-home occasioned by the coronavirus. They transcend the current situation therefore you can always apply them. I consider them child upbringing methods.

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