What is Home? What is Home Improvement?

It is not enough that you have a place of refuge. It needs to be lovely, lively, and homely.

I remember when I was just a young boy. I’d be in school, enjoying the lessons or the games I played with my classmates. But at the back of my mind, there was always that understanding, that calm assurance, that I would go home and be with my mom at the end of it all.

A beautiful home.

A beautiful home.

Even now, I walk through the outside world knowing that I should be going home to be with my family at the end of the day. I love being at home. I have friends, I enjoy traveling, but at the end of it, I want to be home.

After work, after a seminar, after a sermon, a lecture, holiday, school, after the election results are announced and the celebrations are over, the place the heart longs to be is at home. Anyone who has ever been a human being cannot dispute that. Having no place to call home is one of the greatest tragedies of life.

In the movie Saving Private Ryan, a badly wounded, dying soldier in the battlefield cries “mama, mama, I wanna go home…” as fellow soldiers frantically attempt to save his life. He is really far from home, and his mother is nowhere. I have watched this movie more than once, and this scene brings tears into my eyes.

Here is why I believe having a home is important and non-negotiable:

  • A Place You Define Yourself

You know, everyone (let’s admit it, folks) is a king or a queen in need of a territory to rule. We are wired to take control. We want to mold our children, create things in the images we deem fit. No place offers that opportunity as home. Why? Because it is only at your home where you finally have the full command you will never have at the office, or wherever you work.

You may be the boss at your working place, but you well know you have limits. Things cannot always go your way there. However, you can have complete control at home. As the saying goes, charity begins at home.

Home. If everything else fails in the outside world, let your home be your last frontier, where you put into action the décor designs your boss won’t let you put up in the office. In short, you can only correctly define yourself through your home. What do people see when they come to your home?

  • Emotional Bonding

Home is not just the gardens, the lawns, and the stylish birdbaths. Home is the place we retreat to recharge our emotional batteries. The worst calamity that can ever happen to a human being is to have hell for a home. That is, facing rejection, hate, and dangers more at home than anywhere else.

Home is that place you return to, expecting joy, love, hugs, sincere compliments, happy smiles, encouragements, and a pat on the back, understanding, good advice, support, and all the good things a man can ever do for another.

Okay, I have to be honest here. Not all homes provide these virtues. Indeed, no single home that I know is perfect. My point is that an ideal home should aim to provide or at least guarantee many of these emotional recharges. It is called family time. I encourage regular family reunion events.

What is home?

There are many definitions of a home, depending on whom you ask.

I once read somewhere that a home is a place where you keep your clothes. That is cheeky, but I like it. It captures something important, but not entirely.

If you do not have a place to keep your clothes on this planet, you are unfortunate indeed. Someone else would say that a home is simply the place where your soul finds rest.

Others would reply “home is accommodation” and that’s all.

Here is the typical, roadside definition of a home:

A home is the dwelling place where one stays with his/her family.

It could be your parental home, matrimonial home, the place where you were born or raised. All the same, it is the place you get domestic affections (unconditionally), be it from your parents, spouse, children, pets, guardians, siblings, cousins, or whoever you currently stay with.

But is that really home? Here is the most appropriate definition of a home:

A place that has been made suitable for dwelling, providing desirable comfort for those who live in it.

I dare add that it should provide the same comfort to those who visit it, even if for a day.

So, is your home providing these? Are your family members comfortable, enjoying being at home, happy to be home? Are your guests reluctant to leave? Do they marvel? What kinds of reports do they take back to those who have never been to your home?

Let your guests understand you better by how you painstakingly spruce your house and home. Let’s face it: the outside world may at times distort your image. But the picture of your home can restore everything. This is the last frontier, where the brush is firmly in your hand. Now, do the painting. What are you waiting for?

Are there other things you need to do for your home to make it more homely, lovely and lively? Certainly. There is always room for improvement.

What is Home Improvement?

It is not enough that you have a place of refuge. It needs to be lovely, lively and homely. I am going to take you through the home improvement journey, one step at a time. I have been through it, studied it, therefore I understand it.

In my life I’ve visited many homes, read a lot about families and homes. I have watched lots of family movies. I love beautiful homes. I enjoy seeing new designs of house decors, window curtains, lawns, name them.

A lovely living room.

A lovely living room.

I am going to share the home improvement tips with you. I also want to hear about your home improvement ideas.

Did you know that the more you improve your home, the more its value increases? The reverse is as true: the more you neglect your house, the more it loses value. The more you allow things to be as you found them, the more they depreciate. Home improvement is one aspect you cannot afford to overlook.

Home improvement is not all about having a stylish, modern home, or living like some Hollywood celebrity with expensive electronics, utensils, clothes, furniture and shoes.

You can still keep your old taste, even if some people think you are outdated. Old is gold, after all. But you need to ensure your home is welcoming, comfortable, and desirable. No other consideration should supersede that.

The secret to keeping a right home is to know what you have to finally take down, or introduce—no compromise on that. That is the essence of home renovation.

There are home improvement contractors and home improvement loans (should you be in need of pocket improvement) on standby so nothing should stop you from implementing the useful home improvement tips that come your way.

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